Sociolotron review



Geared towards adult roleplaying enthusiasts

Includes traditional MMORPG elements such as combat, quests, crafting and experience points

Complex BDSM, Dominant/submissive, and sex slave systems

Strong community involvement including player-run businesses, governments, and lawless gangs




Out of all the adult virtual worlds, Sociolotron is the one that most closely resembles a traditional MMORPG. Sociolotron combines classic MMORPG elements such as character skill development, experience points, combat, quests, and crafting intermixed with a structured and complex social role playing system. Indeed, there is a skill-based system set up for just about everything in this game including prostitution, erotic dancing, masochism, and so forth. While it may seem overwhelming at first, this complex world is what makes Sociolotron such a fascinating platform for roleplaying enthusiasts.

BDSM roleplayers in particular will be amazed at what the dominance and submission skill systems adds to their characters and experience. Your character can gain different levels of dominance and submission, and with each level earned, your character’s interaction with the world changes. For example, a high level sub can be owned by another player as a sex slave and sold with or without their consent to another player. They can also be stolen by a high level dominant and forced into sex slavery with their new master against their will. Some other perks of owning a sub include taking a percentage of the experience points they earn and also the ability to brand them. No other adult MMORPG boasts such an organized and officially sanctioned sex slave system as Sociolotron.

One of the strongest features of Sociolotron is the community’s strong level of involvement in how the world is run. There are player-run courts and governments that control certain zones and even player-run elections. There are player-run sex bars and businesses that you can buy a stake of ownership in. There’s even in a player-run newspaper that includes the latest in-game gossip and advertisements for the aforementioned player-run businesses. One of the more unique features of Sociolotron is the ability to impregnate a character, create a child that includes both parents’ traits, and then control that child as a playable character. Players interested in the more lawless elements of the community can join organized gangs that target in-game politicians or rape other characters (yes, you can rape in Sociolotron). The roleplaying possibilities in Sociolotron are endless.

While Sociolotron is a very strong platform for roleplaying and character development, the graphics and sex animations are somewhat lacking. This is by the developer’s own admission as the official website states that they are more interested in creating content and enhancing roleplay experience than they are in competing with the slick, realistic graphics of Second Life. Sociolotron knows its niche and caters to it well—kudos to them. In terms of sexy graphics, what Sociolotron does have to offer is nudity, skimpy clothing, and anatomically correct avatars. There are plenty of animations where players can perform several sex acts, lots of bondage, and even sexual torture. Erotic dancers can show off sexy dance moves in the game’s bars and sex clubs.

The world of Sociolotron is so huge, complex, and full of social roles and fantasies to explore that there simply isn’t enough room or time to cover it all. Players can, to choose one example, visit an entire “Hell” universe in which can play as demons, succubi, and zombies. Considering Sociolotron is free to download and only $4 for the first month, it’s worth a jaunt into the Sociolotron universe to see if this is the right erotic roleplaying environment for you.