red light center review


Theme sex clubs and parties for every fetish

Streaming concerts and real life porn

Optional voice chat

Realistic graphics and animation

Play with sexy bots or real life Working Girls/Guys for quick, hassle-free fun



Red Light Center is a virtual world modeled after Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District. The game designers have included all of the risqué elements that make Amsterdam so popular including sex clubs, hash bars, and even virtual “Working Girls” who exchange sex for in-game currency. With over five million registered accounts, Red Light Center is full of women and men eager to explore their sexuality and erotic fantasies in this sensual and anonymous world.

Red Light Center went to great lengths to create fun community gathering spots to make it easy to for people to meet each other. Players can meet new friends and lovers at one of the game’s many nightclubs, parties, and bordellos. To keep the game world fresh and exciting, Red Light Center hosts frequent in-game events like special parties, streaming concerts, and even erotic art gallery openings. Many of these events have specific themes such as BDSM dungeons, swingers clubs, and gay bars. In addition to the sex clubs and events, players can have fun in the game’s virtual hash bars where players can smoke hash from hookahs or eat magic mushrooms. The game offers so many ways to meet new people that even the shyest players will have no problems making friends in Red Light Center.

There are also options for those who aren’t interested in socializing or only want some quick, hassle-free fun. Red Light Center offers sexy bots that will let you do whatever you want to them. The sex bots are a great way to practice having in-game sex and learn how it works before trying it with an in-game partner. Red Light Center also has real life “working girls” and “working guys” who will exchange sex for in-game currency. This is completely legal and the Red Light Center admins encourage this activity, so there are no shady dealings or worries about bans. Working Girls/Working Guys are easy to find and contact: their avatars wear easily identifiable badges and they solicit only in designated areas, such as Cam Girl Alley and Gay Cam Alley.

How does one actually have virtual sex in Red Light Center? First, if you don’t want to have sex in public, then you can go to a private area such as your own customizable apartment, a hotel, private club, or private BDSM dungeon. To have in-game sex, all you need to do is right-click on your partner’s avatar and invite them to have sex. When they accept, you’ll be offered a large menu of options where you can choose everything from different sex positions, oral, and various foreplay activities. When you are finished, press the Cum button to trigger your avatar’s orgasm animation.

The sex itself is quite hot. The avatars are anatomically correct and the graphics are slick and realistic. The animation is fluid and believable. There are a lot of fun options to choose from, so you can do a lot more than just kiss and penetrate your partner. You get even more options if you’re near sex toys or in a BDSM dungeon. Finally, voice chat is available in private areas so that you can exchange real life dirty talk with your partner while your avatars are getting it on.

In summary, Red Light Centers offers a safe, easy-to-use and exciting space to act out your sexual fantasies and meet like-minded lovers. Red Light Center is free to download and play. The game is monetized through VIP memberships and in-game currency sales, so you are free to explore the Red Light Center universe and see what it has to offer before paying a cent.